Captain Cyan Rahn

The traitorous former captain of the Starskimmer.


Captain Cyan Rahn was a respected member of the New Republic Explorer Corps. He quickly rose through the ranks as a gruff but fair commander who knew when to fight and when to flee. This all changed, however, after a mission encountered a group of pirates, leaving his commanding officer dead, his ship, the Explorer destroyed, and he and his two crewmates stranded. After being rescued, he was reassigned and proved a capable commander but his scars from that encounter had left a harder edge in him.

He was recently given command of the Starskimmer by the New Republic Explorer Corps along with a new crew. He showed his true colors, however, when he murdered his security chief and attempted to sabotage the ship’s engines, destroying the unconscious crew along with the ship and any clues that he had escaped. The plan was foiled when the crew awoke before the detonation due to a lucky bout of engine trouble on Captain Rahn’s escape ship. They were able to save the Starskimmer but Rahn escaped on the very same vessel that had been supposedly destroyed during the pirate encounter earlier in his career.

Admiral Nerogan was deeply disturbed by this and ordered a full investigation into his activities in the prior months. It was found that he had been combing through the databanks on the systems that were being explored within the Unknown Regions. A few days before the Starskimmer incident, he had copied down a specific set of coordinates and attempted to delete them from the system. Thankfully there was a secret backup and his actions were discovered during the investigation. The coordinates that had caught his interest had been found in an encrypted Imperial archeological database that Palpatine kept in his personal collection. It was marked as high priority but hadn’t been properly explored yet.

Captain Cyan Rahn

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