It has been ten years since the death of Emperor Palpatine and the destruction of the second Death Star over the moon of Endor. The Empire, never fully able to recover from the loss of their largest fleet, has been pushed back from the Core Worlds by the forces of the recently formed New Republic. Consisting of worlds that have thrown off the yolk of the old Empire, the New Republic seeks to rebuild in the wake of the Galactic Civil War. Their attention turns outward, towards exploring the vast area referred to as the Unknown Regions in the hope that they will find new allies, resources, and knowledge to bring about another golden age. However, the dark stretch of the Unknown Regions may hold more than the New Republic bargained for.

The players are members of the newly formed Explorer Corps of the New Republic. This group is made up of a wide variety of species and professions with only one overriding requirement: a desire to go beyond the borders of known space. Members range from criminals seeking to escape from their past to scientist trying to make a name for themselves in the only new frontier available. Characters can draw from any core rule book but must check with the GM for anything pulled from an unofficial source. Ability Scores are created using the point buy system and players can divvy up 30 points as they see fit. All scores start at 8 and the cost to raise them can be seen below.

(From the Core Rulebook)
Score – Cost
8 – 0 points
9 – 1 points
10 – 2 points
11 – 3 points
12 – 4 points
13 – 5 points
14 – 6 points
15 – 8 points
16 – 10 points
17 – 13 points
18 – 16 points

The Right Hand Of Darkness

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