Located on the outermost edge of the Outer Rim, this world is about as far from the center of the galaxy as a person can get. A great place to reinvent yourself or just escape from the pressures of Galactic politics (or warrants for your arrest).


New Republic Science Vessel Stellar Horizon

This large Nebulon-B Frigate is currently serving as a mobile base of operations for the Unknown Regions branch of the Explorer Corps. Although not the newest vessel in the New Republic’s fleet, the Stellar Horizon has proven itself capable in both military and scientific expeditions. The current commander is Admiral Nerogan. a fastidious scientist who specializes in the discovery and study of new species. He seems eager to begin explorations of the Unknown Regions in hopes of contacting some of the un-catalogued races that inhabit the area.


The Tangle

The largest obstacle in accessing the Unknown Regions, this mass of hyperspace anomalies makes navigation extremely difficult if not downright deadly. No one is quite sure what the source of the disturbances are but rumors range from natural disturbances in space-time to a gigantic barrier created by the long forgotten celestials. Although the risks are real, the rewards for those willing and able to find their way through the Tangle can be immense, from never before seen forms of technology to historical artifacts older than the original Republic.



This uninhabited planet is home to the citadel of Darth Hastur, a Sith Lord that reigned during the Great Sith War. Surrounding the planet in a grim orbital halo are hundreds of derelict starships, a graveyard of would-be salvagers and tomb raiders who were driven mad by the Dark Side energy of Hastur’s Citadel. Also present in the city surrounding the citadel is an offshoot of the mysterious being known as Mn’ggal. Although only a few portions of the being have been seen, it can be assumed that it’s presence is quite extensive in the ruins of the city.



This mineral-rich planet was first discovered a century ago by grey market merchants exploring the Unknown Regions for resources that they could lay claim to. Over the decades since it’s discovery a large number of mining operations have been set up with prospectors paying the original merchants a fee for the opportunity to stake out a plot of land. Despite the massive amount of material removed over the years there still doesn’t seem to be an end to the mineral wealth of the world. Due to the lack of any sort of civil law-enforcement body the mining companies themselves enforce the peace and this means that most complaints against the mining companies go ignored. The atmosphere is slowly being turned into an unbreathable mess and the basic necessities must be imported from elsewhere as the surface is no longer capable of sustaining life due to the toxins produced from the mines.

Medrosa (Troma)

This gas giant is located in a remote system, even for the Unknown Regions. Swirls of poisonous and corrosive green clouds fill the atmosphere making the planet hostile to most types of sentient life. Despite this environment, or perhaps because of the privacy it provides, the Arkanian Biotech Corporation had a research facility here. Run by the Arkanian Arrus Drakarian, the facility was destroyed along with all of its research by an indigenous Jovian species. Many of the personnel were able to escape but the final fate of the station, along with all of its equipment and data, remains unknown.

Imperial Research Vessel ‘Pestilent Maw’

This gargantuan vessel proves that, even in their reduced state, the Empire does not do things by degrees. The several kilometer long vessel was the personal flagship of the former Hand of the Emperor Sarcev Quest. It was to serve the dual role of a research vessel as well as a training and deployment center for the newly developed Shadowtrooper super soldiers. In addition to the lab facilities, the ship was powered by an experimental “Flip Drive” which harnessed a miniature synthetic black hole to enable the bending of spacetime for travel. The vessel was scuttled when an Imperial officer, unhappy with the research being conducted, aided a group of New Republic agents in destabilizing the black hole and collapsing the ship. Much of the crew had time to evacuate beyond the small event horizon but the extremely expensive ship was lost along with the equipment and support facilities for the Shadow Troopers.


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