Canderous Pags – As Chief of Security aboard the Stellar Horizon he keeps up to date on most security threats. If you can justify it for the mission, he can even requisition restricted gear and licenses for a government discounted price.

Mika the Hutt – She’ll owe you one as long as you keep her secret. Her network is not as extensive as Paroga’s but the price is definitely lower.

Paroga the Hutt – As a well-connected Hutt of the Unknown Regions he’s got access to information and resources. All under the table, of course.

Sage Wyvene – Working for the Imperials in the Unknown Regions has given her access to a wealth of information on their activities and plans.

Xa’Thras – This merchant and peddler of antiquities seems to have artifacts from every corner of the Unknown Regions crammed into his ship. He also has contacts in almost every major port of call in the area.


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