0 ABY – The Battle of Yavin, in which the fledgling Rebellion scored a major victory against the Empire with the destruction of the newly operational Death Star.

4 ABY – The Battle of Endor, in which the Empire received a crushing blow with the death of both Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, as well as the destruction of the super star destroyer Executor. The galaxy celebrated as news of the victory spread.

15 ABY – The remnants of the Imperial government, after years of infighting between Moffs turned warlords, consolidates itself into the Council of Moffs. This group forces a ceasefire between the remaining Imperial forces and the New Republic, retreating to their holdings in the Northern arm of the galaxy. Open conflict is drastically reduced but it’s an open secret that both the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant are engaged in a Cold War with both sides attempting to gain the needed advantage to ensure victory.

25 ABY – A raid on one of Emperor Palpatine’s secreted storehouses uncovers a large amount of data that had been collected on the Unknown Regions. This included Navdata and reports on the worlds found within by the ExploreCorps, a joint operation between the Old Republic and the Jedi Order that sought to push back the boundaries of known space.

30 ABY – Politicians in the New Republic Senate are finally convinced to reinstate the ExploreCorps and send a mission to Bakura to set up a Republic forward operating base there. An unlikely group of misfits is nearly killed on their first mission and uncover an Imperial mole. They track him down in the Unknown Regions and bring him to justice, interfering with another Imperial operation in the process.


The Right Hand Of Darkness Deevonimon534