Sarcev Quest

"You didn't think I'd get my OWN hands dirty, did you?"


Recently revealed as the unknowing father of the Jedi Initiate Numinov Walsing, Sarcev Quest was one of the secretive agents of Emperor Palpatine known as the Emperor’s Hands. After the death of the Emperor and the creation of the New Republic he made his way to the deep core, insinuating himself in the new power structure of the Imperial Remnant. According to Darth Tempestus, Quest has begun funding research into the being known as Mn’ggal in an attempt to create a line of super soldiers to add to the Imperial Remnants forces.

During the group’s most recent mission, Sarcev Quest realized the link between himself and Numinov. Despite his attempts to destroy his defiant offspring, Sarcev was defeated. Although he seemed nonplussed at his son’s attempt to redeem him from the Dark Side he did seem to acknowledge that Numinov had grown up strong in the Force, even without Sarcev’s instruction. Whether this will mean a change in him is unknown but his interest has been raised and he is not a man easily denied.

Sarcev Quest

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