Taung Warrior, Blood Descendant of Manda'lore


Khorvash was an up and coming warrior set on a leader’s path within the Neo-Crusaders, an arm of the Mandalorian army recruited from conquered planets and indoctrinated with the culture and military training of Mandalore. Khorvash is a purebred Taung, and the nephew of Mandalore the Ultimate. During the Mandalorian wars, Khorvash and his strike team were captured by one of the surviving Sith Lords and taken to a secret research facility. His species, the Taung were extraordinarily tough and he was chosen to be a test subject regarding the cryostasis applications of the substance Carbonite.

During his time as a lab rat, Khorvash met a fellow Neo-Crusader, a Gen’Dai by the name of Creed, who was being used as a resource for genetic material. The two discussed escape but before their plans could come to fruition the final test of the Carbonite process was approved and Khorvash helplessly closed his eyes and waited as the burning pain of frozen carbonite engulfed him and he fell into a sleepless state of cryostasis. When he awoke he was in the remains of an escape pod and Creed was standing over him with a group of strangers. After being filled in he agreed to accompany the group in exchange for transport off the planet and return to civilization.

The primary challenge he faces is the realization that his people are no longer the sole representatives of Mandalorian strength and that everything he knew and held dear is gone. Humans have filled the void the Taung once filled and from what he is told they are doing a poor job of it. The Mandalorians are no longer the superpower to be reckoned with around the galaxy. There is no longer a Mandalore and where there were many, there are now a strong few represented by the Mandalorian clans. So much has changed, but a fire burns inside. He looks to seek out his people, rally them and the current Mandalorians and return them to their former glory. As the last surviving relative of Mandalore the Ultimate, perhaps this will be his destiny.


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