A Gen'Dai Mandalorian crusader


Creed was a member of the Neo-Crusaders, an arm of the Mandalorian army recruited from conquered planets and indoctrinated with the culture and military training of Mandalore. During the Mandalorian wars, Creed was captured by one of the surviving Sith Lords and taken to a secret research facility. His species, the Gen’Dai had the ability to hibernate for long periods of time and survive extremely harsh conditions. The Sith Lord wanted to harness these physical traits in order to make a race of genetically enhanced super soldiers to be used in another war of conquest.

During his time as a lab rat, Creed met a fellow Neo-Crusader, a Taung by the name of Khorvash, who was being used to test the cryostasis properties of Carbonite. After years of experimentation and torture, Creed escaped captivity and made his way to break his friend out as well but found that he had already been encased in the Carbonite prison. Grabbing the block that held his friend in stasis, Creed stole a ship and made a desperate uncalculated jump into hyperspace. Upon entering realspace the ship was damaged by the asteroid field they had dropped into and Creed loaded Khorvash and himself into the escape pod and launched it as the ships engines went critical. Alive but stranded, Creed set the emergency alert beacon and entered long-term hibernation to wait for either rescue or death.

A thousand years passed before the escape pod entered the orbit of the world of Carcossa. A deacying orbit eventually led to the escape pod falling in a fiery ball and landing in the building across from where a group of New Republic Explorer Corps agents had parked their ship. They helped Creed free Khorvash from the Carbonite and the two agreed to accompany the group in exchange for a ride off world.


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