The Right Hand Of Darkness

Episode XII: The Hunt Begins

Ewoks are not to be trifled with

Previously: After parting ways in the Unknown Regions, the group was drawn back together by a telepathic message from Sage Wyvene. Hoping to find answers to the questions raised during the raid of the Imperial Medical Facility, the group arrived aboard the Stellar Horizon, Headquarters of the New Republic Explorer Corps. They were shocked, however, when Sage was attacked by Ewoks during her transmission from the forest moon of Endor.

Racing to her rescue the group fought their way into the facility, discovering a Twi’lek mechanic that had been working on the shuttle they commandeered who decided to join them on their mission. After rescuing several scientists they learned that Sage had been taken to the Death Star wreckage in the center of the nearby impact zone. The group hastily made their way through the storm washed wasteland and discovered that the Ewoks had built a village in an intact hangar Bay and that they were all gathered together deep in the twisted metal of the wreck. Scouting ahead, the Twi’lek and the Taung discovered that the Ewoks had found the remains of the Throne Room of Emperor Palpatine. What’s more, they had retrieved his remains, now nothing more than a shadowy figure blasted into a piece of bulkhead, and appeared to be worshipping them!

Currently: The group is joined by Sev Assani who lands the Talon in the hangar bay next to the two trucks from the research facility. Returning from their reconnaissance mission, Korvash and Aayla, the Twi’lek mechanic, inform the group of the strange scene they came across. Everyone agreed that something needed to be done immediately and so they all crept towards the gathering, stopping only to allow Creed to demolish a distracted Ewok guard in the tunnels. As they all peered around the corner of the turbolift shaft they saw that Sage Wyvene had been tied to the Emperor’s throne using the Ewok’s crude ropes and appeared to be unconscious. On the landing below her, several paralyzed scientists were laid on the deck plating, covered in Strahka webbing except for their heads and guarded by several Ewoks. On the lowest landing, even with the heroes, the Ewoks had constructed a large bonfire that lit the area with a flickering glow as they danced around it.

Stepping from behind the throne and Sage Wyvene, an elderly gray-haired Ewok Shaman called for the attention of the group, banging his staff three times. He wore a crudely stitched together black robe, bone jewelry on his wrists and neck, and his staff was tipped with a twisted piece of unidentified metal. The Ewoks immediately ceased their dancing and singing and turned their attention to the Shaman as he raised his hands towards the suspended piece of metal with the Emperor’s blasted silhouette embedded in it. As the Ewoks began chanting, an oily black smoke began seeping from the remains, pouring onto the ground and curling around the feet of the Shaman and the unconscious form of Sage Wyvene.

Seeing their opportunity while the Ewoks were distracted, the heroes struck! Creed charged in, swinging his Mythosaur axe while the rest of the group laid down covering fire. The Shaman attempted to bring Creed down using a variety of Dark Side powers, but the Gen’Dai was too powerful and tenaciously advanced under the onslaught. From the depths of the wreckage Strahka larva began to crawl their way upwards and Alena, the Jal Shey, noticed something even bigger making its approach. A hail of blaster fire took care of the remaining Ewoks that were charging the group but not before Sev Assani was struck by one of their spears. Korvash ignited his jetpack just as the massive head of the Strahka Queen reared out of the darkness below and he immediately caught her attention with a stream of bolts from his heavy blaster.

Spurred on by the encouragement of Alena, the group rallied against the remaining threats and, with a well-placed shot from Aayla’s custom pistols, the Shaman was finally put down. The Ewoks and Strahka, freed from his influence, immediately attempted to retreat but only one of the Ewoks manage to escape the group’s wrath. Korvash put a final flurry of bolts into the Strahka Queen and, as she fell from the wall of the shaft, he jetted over and used his blaster to separate her massive head from her body, claiming it as his trophy.

The group quickly freed the scientists and Sage, administering antidotes to the Strahka’s paralytic poison and treating their remaining injuries. Aayla eagerly examined the body of the Ewok Shaman and discovered that his staff was tipped with the twisted remains of a lightsaber, still somehow functional despite its damaged state. The Force Sensitive members of the group immediately sensed the malevolence housed inside the artifact and convinced her that it must be taken to the Council of the New Jedi Order to be disposed of. All of the Ewok’s victims recovered quickly and were eager to return to the safety of the science facility. Sage, however, remained unconscious until the group made their way back to the medical center aboard the Stellar Horizon.

After waking up Sage explained that she had discovered information about the hidden Imperial Research Vessel the group was looking for. After using her Farseeing ability to spy on her former associates in the Imperial Remnant, she managed to overhear a meeting between an Imperial Officer, Vonan Trask, and two alien beings. The first was an older Arkanian woman dressed in very fine clothing and wearing the logo of the Arkanian Biotechnology Corporation. The other was an Ebruchi with a flaming fist symbol prominently displayed on his patchwork armor. Sev recognized the symbol as belonging to the Flotilla of the Flaming Fist, the pirates that he was escaping from when he first met the group. The meeting was regarding a late shipment of medical equipment from the planet Medrosa V. This was as much information as Sage was able to glean before her vision failed her. She contacted the group immediately afterwards.

After receiving these leads the group immediately began hunting for more details. While everyone checked through their contacts, Numinov and Sev delivered the lightsaber of Emperor Palpatine to the Jedi Temple on Yavin 4. The Council received their report with grave concern and agreed that more Jedi needed to be assigned to watch over Endor to ensure that the dark side influence on the moon was contained. The two also inquired about Koth Ab’lon, Sage’s former Jedi teacher. They were informed that he had been sent on a delicate mission and was out of contact so they left a message to have him contact them as soon as he returned.

While they were returning to the Stellar Horizon, Aayla was checking with her contacts on the HoloNet technology forums to see if anyone had info on the planet Medrosa V. Although it was mostly rumors and hearsay she was able to gather that the planet was a gas giant in the Unknown Regions with a highly corrosive atmosphere. More alarmingly, no one who had traveled to the system within the past century had been heard from again.

After Numinov and Sev returned they decided to ask Canderous Pags if he had access to the Bothan Spynet. It took some convincing from Alena but eventually they managed to talk him into checking with his contacts for information on their leads. It took several days but he managed to get in touch with the Spynet and got some details on the information the group was looking for.

The Spynet didn’t find any mention of the planet known as Medrosa V, but they did find several old Hyperspace Navigators Guild records that matched the planet’s description but listed under the name Trona. Their information on the pirates was similarly vague as the group’s territory was restricted to the Unknown Regions but they were able to confirm that the group was a powerful threat in the area. Several systems had attempted concerted operations to hunt the group down but their leader, a being known as Graxus, always eluded capture and enacted violent reprisals against the aggressors. To the disappointment of the Mandalorians, the Spynet was unable to find details on any remaining Taung or Gen’Dai in the galaxy. Sev’s ship, the Sage Legatus, also proved to elusive for the Spynet to track down.

With this new information, Sev secretly contacted his old smuggling associates in the Syndicate to see if they could get him a copy of recent navigation data for the system. It took some time and a fair number of credits to grease the necessary palms, but he was able to track down someone who had a copy of the route, although its reliability was not guaranteed.

Next Time: With this new information the group finally has a lead in their search for the Imperial Research Vessel working on the new Super Soldier program. Will they successfully navigate the dangers of the Unknown Regions to arrive at the mysterious planet known as Medrosa V? What obstacles will they encounter in their quest? And what will they find when they reach the end of their journey?



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