The Right Hand Of Darkness

Episode VII - One Man's Trash...

Previously: The group had successfully taken Captain Rahn prisoner but the Sith Lord Darth Hastur had taken off in his palace ship. The players were able to escape the ship before it took off and were left in the darkened remains of the dead city. Overhead, the remains of the darkened ships lit the sky with flaming trails as they burned up in the atmosphere. It was decided to make haste back to the waiting starships before one of the derelicts found its way down to the city with an accompanying detonation.

As the players made their way back to their ships they realized that they were being followed by a trio of Aspects of Mn’ggal. The tentacle faced monstrosities were stealthily creeping alongside the roads the group walked down with the hope of ambushing them when the time was right. The group was able to elude their stalkers and successfully reunited with their vessels. Quickly securing Rahn in a cabin of the ship, the group took off and headed away from the planet to make their return jump to hyperspace.

As they approached the ring of derelicts, however, they picked up several ships speeding towards them. One of them, a small shuttle, began sendng out a mayday message asking for assistance. The two Ebruchi fighters pursuing the shuttle had already begun firing upon the ship as they began to weave between the dead ships. The Mandalorian, Creed, immediately began firing upon the warships while the shuttle took evasive action, maneuvering between the dead hulks drifting through orbit. The two fighters were easily dispatched, although a complication arose as one of the ships was jarred by an explosion that activated their point defense ion cannons.

After finishing off the enemy ships, the group managed to connect ther docking ring to the small alien shuttle. From the shuttle emerged the wolfish Shistavanen, Sev Assari, relieved to be safe after his imprisonment by the Ebruchi pirates. After introductions were made, Sev volunteers to surrender his weapons as a guest on their ship and explains that he was searching for an old friend of his when the Ebruchi captured him and his ship. He does not give up much of the story behind his capture but he seems keen on finding a particular planet in the Unknown Regions. During his travels he heard rumors of an alien bearing a shining red sword on a planet covered in mining operations. He seems keen to find this person and is intent on continuing his search as soon as he gets back to civilization.

During the return flight to the Stellar Horizon command ship, Alena Fane does some light questioning of the prisoner, Captain Rahn. He reveals little but does say that he was being employed as a glorified taxi-service to ferry the Sith around to different locations in the Unknown Regions. After their brief stop at the previous planet he was to take her to meet with an undisclosed party on the next planet on his list. When pressed for further information he clams up and refuses to volunteer more.

Once the crew returns to the Stellar Horizon they are met at their ship by the Chief of Security, Canderous Pags, and he takes Captain Rahn into custody. Once the group has been debriefed they are given a few days leave aboard the ship before their next mission. Durng this time they rest up and Sev Assani seeks out a Jedi Knight that is overseeing the force using members of the Explorer Corps in the hopes that she could give him some possible information on his friend, Sage Wyvene. Unfortunately, the Jedi Knight does not recognize the description that Sev gives, but admits that she didn’t spend a great deal of time at the Academy before being assigned to this mission as a liaison. She promises to keep her ear open and make inquiries through the Jedi network and get in touch with Sev if she finds anything.

Once a few days had passed, the group is summoned by Canderous Pags to a meeting. While examining the navigation computer in Captain Rhan’s ship a set of coordinates was found for a location in the Unknown Regions. It was found that a probe had been sent to that system already. It had located a planet that had a great deal of space born traffic around it. The probe also did a quick scan of the planet and found a great deal of high density ores. Sev was excited because this matched a rumor he was taking about a Shistavanen bearing a glowing red blade speed on a distant mining world. The Mandalorians were asked by Canderous Pags to join the team since many of the ships crew are very wary of their presence on the ship. Although they felt they could take on anyone who wished them harm, they felt that Chief Pags had treated them fairly and it would be dishonorable to cause trouble for him with their presence.

After finishing their departure preparations the crew hop onto the Talon, Captain Rahn’s repurposed YT-1900, and make their hyperspace jump through the Tangle. Upon arrival at the coordinates they drop out of hyperspace and are immediately contacted by an automated system requesting they move into the nearest space lane for landing request processing. The group decides to follow these directions and takes their place in line between two other freighters.

The line had been moving very slowly for several hours when a panicked message came over the comms system warning everyone to move away. Too late, Torvash, who was piloting the ship, noticed that a ship in the next lane was on a collision course with the Talon. Torvash attempted to avoid the incoming ship but was unable to maneuver quickly enough and the two ships screeched past each other. As the out of control ship pulled away from the Talon it became obvious that the collision had damaged the ship’s navigation systems and it was drifting out of control towards the other lanes of traffic. Torvash bravely decided to take some damage and nudge the damaged vessel into a more harmless trajectory. Shortly thereafter the ships of the local authorities arrived and escorted the players down to the surface of the planet.

Landing at the headquarters of Core Skyways, a company that was contracted to handle the traffic management for the mining operations, the group found that they were local heroes, more for the insurance money they had saved than the lives but still heroes. They were promised that their ship’s repairs would be taken care of by the company but that it would take a few days due to the extensive damage. The company also offers them room and board for the duration of the repairs and wishes them a pleasant stay.

After they had been left to their own devices the Jedi, Numinov, reached out with the force to see if he could sense amyone strong in the dark side. He got a definite ping to the West of the city in the direction of what looked like a large mountain. The group decided to rent a couple of speedercraft to take them over to the mountain and found out that it was actually a giant heap of scrap called the Junkyard. Local travel advisories warned against flying over certain areas as the scavengers tended to take potshots at overhead speeders. The group carefully made their way out of the city and over the slums that form on the outskirts until they reach the Junkyard.

The whole area is covered in piles of broken or malfunctioning equipment that various mining companies dumped as a cheaper alternative to actual repair and recycling. Scavengers of all kinds crawl around the area, some of them organics and some of them droids. Scanning the area, Sev’s watchful eyes notice that a number of the droids don’t seem to be actually scavenging, merely moving piles of trash from one place to another. He keeps an eye on these droids as the group lands the speeder near a scavenger digging through a pile of scrap. The group manages to question the scavenger and find out that the droids are known to everyone, they always seems to be somewhat cleaner than the other droids and if anyone tries to fiddle with or attack them they self-detonate, leaving nothing but more scrap. The group also inquired if he knew of any soldier types that might have been seen in the area and he directed them to a bar called The Burning Fuse that usually saw a more hardened crowd than he tended to associate with. The crew thanked him and bought a usable droid servo to pay him for his trouble.

Their next destination was the bar and Alena stopped to grab some more area appropriate clothing, picking up a beat up cloak from a second hand shop in the area. Entering the bar separately to avoid suspicion, the group took their places in the various booths as Numinov and Alena bellied up to the bar. Sev Assani noticed a figure in the rearmost booth that seemed to be ignoring the drink in front of him. He sent a fresh drink over to check his reaction and the figure took one look and headed through a back door marked “Maintenance”. Alena and Numinov followed through the door and found a long hallway with a metal door at the end. Knocking on the door causes a slot to be opened up at eye level and a deep voice asked what they wanted. Using the force to bluff their way in, the pair found themselves in a backroom gaming hall.

As they took in their surroundings, the three in the main bar noticed that a small group of menacing figures had filtered into the bar as some of the local patrons scooted out, sensing trouble. The pair in the game room were directed to the armored figure they followed and found that the man was a representative of the local Hutt Cartel and that Captain Rahn was supposed to meet to drop off some unknown cargo. At this point the bartender hit a secret button and lights began flashing silently in the game room causing people to begin bolting for the emergency exit in the rear. At the same time the nefarious figures in the front of the bar stood up in unison, whipping off their cloaks to reveal combat armor and very large guns. Sev Assani had been waiting for this and fired his blaster as a distraction before combat began in earnest.

Next Time: The players fight their way out of a sticky situation and find that a pile of junk can sometimes hide valuable information.



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