The Right Hand Of Darkness

Episode VI - Heart of Hastur

In which our players encounter a mysterious frienemy...

Previously: Our players had made their way through the abandoned and abomination filled city surrounding the Citadel of the Sith Lord Darth Hastur. FIghting their way past the Imperial Special Forces troopers at the great doorway they paused to take in their situation and heard an ominous chanting echoing from deep within the stone walls of the Citadel.

After pausing to get their bearings the players cautiously edged toward the strip of darkness between the light above them and the next pool of light a few yards away. A mysterious scratching and rustling noise could be heard throughout the cavernous space and as the group watched several fist-sized insects fell into the pool of light and seemed to be negatively affected by the illumination. Realizing that the darkened portions of the floor were a solid carpet of the deadly Sith-altered insects known as the Drech the group decided that simply strolling through was not an option. The Duros, Beeb T’bobo, carefully used his personal speeder to avoid the ground and snagged several of the repulsor lights to that the Imperials had left behind forming a wide island of illumination. Sticking close together the group was able to make their way through the entry hallway and into what appeared to be a throne room with a large and ornate chair sitting in the middle of a circular array of steps in the center.

Those players who were sensitive to the force were able to perceive a faint luminescent shape slumped in the chair. Upon questioning the shape it regained some solidity and slowly answered them, as though it had forgotten how to speak and was trying to remember the words. The form explained that it was all that remained of the great Darth Hastur, his power eroded over the centuries until he barely had the will to maintain the pitiful shadow of his form. After inquiring whether the players were here to steal from him just like the last group that just passed through, he was intrigued to hear that the players were there to stop them. He offered them a boon and his assistance if they killed the intruders who were even now defiling his tomb and, once the group agreed, he used some of his remaining energy to clear a path through the carpet of Drech insects.

The players followed a hallway behind his throne that led to a large empty room with several powered down sparring droids along the walls and several circular markings on the floor in the center. One of the force sensitive members of the group crossed a sensor line and activated the droids and the circles revealed themselves to be floating platforms. The droids had been dormant for many years and did not last long against the experienced group.

Continuing on, the group entered the private quarters of Darth Hastur where they discovered that his tomb must be directly below them as a large hole had been blown into the floor. Carefully making their way down to the level below the players found themselves in an area of the Citadel that was definitely not part of the same structure as the one above. Instead of imposing stone walls the surfaces here appeared to be organic. At the end of the hallway was a sharp turn, flickering light spilled out and the sound of raised voices could be heard, one of which belonged to Captain Cyan Rahn!

The group crept closer as quietly as possible and eavesdropped on the argument. It appeared that Cyan Rahn was arguing with an unknown woman for an increase in payment to him and his men due to the danger of the mission. Khorvash took a quick peek around the corner and saw that Captain Rahn was speaking with a Sith Lord. A small group of mercenaries and Sith warriors had taken position behind their respective leaders. Behind them, in a bubble of energy, floated a large sarcophagus carved with the likeness of Darth Hastur. Khorvash seized the initiative and lobbed a salvaged grenade taken from the Imperials at the Citadel entrance, catching the Sith group in the blast!

The Sith Lord aggressively charged forward and attempted to cut the group down with her lightsaber and several dark side energy attacks but was met with a hail of blaster fire. Seeing that she was facing defeat the Sith retreated and leapt into the energy field holding the sarcophagus where she began to float opposite the entombed Darth Hastur. Assuming a mid-air lotus position she began to manipulate the dark side energies of the tomb, causing arcs of energy to lash out from the sphere towards the players. The players continued fighting the mercenaries, knocking Capt. Rahn unconscious in the process. As they mopped up the remaining enemy forces, the Mandalorian tackled the Sith out of the energy sphere , knocking her unconscious. Seeing an opportunity for vengeance, he finished her off by beheading her with his Mythosaur axe.

The area began to rumble ominously so the group decided that was their cue to make their exit. On the way out they saw that the spectre of Darth Hastur looked much more substantial than when they had left him. The players inquired about the boon he had promised and only got a chuckle in return. The ancient Sith Lord told them that their boo was letting go them leave alive and that it would not happen a second time. The players decided not to press the point and ran to a safe distance, watching in awe as the entire Citadel lifted out of the city, dropping debris onto the empty streets below. As they watched the Sith Lord depart they notice that streaks of fire have begun appearing in the sky as the orbiting ships begin hitting the atmosphere.

At the end of this episode the group is in possession of the Capt. that betrayed them and must make their way out of the city and back to Republic space.


<edit> Creed tackled the Sith out of the forcefield! Which is why he is wondering where those darned sabers went off to….ahem trophies!!! :) Look forward to the next mission!

Episode VI - Heart of Hastur

Credit has been given where credit is due!

Episode VI - Heart of Hastur

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