The Right Hand Of Darkness

Episode V - Ancient Allies

In which our heroes finally encounter some Imperial entanglements.

After defeating the last of the Dark Side Warriors guarding the Talon, Captain Cyan Rahn’s ship, the group barely got a chance to catch their breath before a piece of orbital debris came tumbling down and crashed into the building across the wide street from their hangar. Upon investigation it appeared that some sort of escape pod had landed containing two Mandalorian warriors from the last Great Sith War, one frozen in carbonite and the other awakened from a millenia-long hibernation. After freeing the carbonite-trapped warrior they explained that the Sith had secretly experimented on them in one of their fortresses, testing the ability of the Gen’Dai named Creed to regenerate and using the Taung named Khorvash to test their new Carbonite freezing systems. Creed escaped with the carbonite block containing Khorvash, stole a ship, and made a blind hyperspace jump to get away from the Sith craft in pursuit. Their escape ship was severely damaged in the jump and they were forced to evacuate in the escape pod where Creed entered a hibernation state to wait until they were found.

After a brief introduction, the Mandalorians agree to help the New Republic explorers in exchange for transport off the planet as well as a chance to inflict some pain on whatever Sith they could find within the Citadel. The group set off across the abandoned city and encountered several Sith Abominations, creatures twisted by experimentation and Dark Side energy, but were able to fight their way to the Citadel. There, they encountered more abominations who had been bent to the will of a Dark Side user and were assisting a strike team of Imperial Special Forces soldiers in guarding the entrance of the grand palace.

Using strategy and deception the group was able to pick apart the abominations before charging in and assaulting the entrenched Imperial forces. Although the Stormtroopers got in a couple of lucky shots, the group handily defeated them with the aid of their new Mandalorian allies. In the aftermath of the battle they found themselves in a great hall leading towards the interior of the massive structure. Floating repulsor-lights had been spaced every few meters in the oppressive darkness leading further into the heart of the Sith stronghold and mysterious sounds could be heard echoing off the stone walls.



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