The Right Hand Of Darkness

Episode IX: Medical Mal(ignant)practice

The doctor will see you now...

Previously: After escaping the ambush at the bar, the group was taken to see Paroga the Hutt, Captain Rahn’s supposed contact on this planet. Paroga saw through their bluff immediately but offered to let them go, and even reward them handsomely, if they brought back his offspring, Mika the Hutt, who had been kidnapped by the Imperials in exchange for more leverage in their slave deals with Paroga. The group agreed and were given a day to plot a hidden route to the base using the surveillance data the Hutt had been gathering. After their meeting they were also approached by one of the Lugubraans named Lorgrombo who let them know that the slaves the Imperials purchased were being used for some sort of medical experiments. Lorgrombo offered to pay the group a great sum of money if they brought back some of the medical data from the Imperial outpost. After they rested and restocked supplies, the group left in their rented speeders and promptly ran into a malfunctioning demolition droid who saw their speeders as valuable raw materials and attempted to process them. A couple of acid pools and a well-placed grenade later, the group continued on, now in a topless speeder with no hope of getting their deposit back. From that point it was a simple matter to find the outpost and sharp ears detected the hum of a ventilation shaft. Following the shaft led to a medical supply storage closet and entrance into the Imperial outpost….

Highlights of this Episode:

  1. Group takes out everyone in the communications center, then must scramble to slice into the system to stop the DELETE ALL command from finishing. Alena manages to use the Imperial Lieutenant’s Code Cylinder and stop the deletion at 65%.
  2. Blaster fire attracts several Imperial Stormtroopers, one of which is carrying a blaster cannon. Jedi Initiate Numinov uses the power of the Force to rip the weapon out of the Stormtrooper’s hands and making the fight much easier.
  3. While mopping up the remaining Stormtroopers, two Warden bots exit the door leading to the facility’s holding cells and start tazing everyone with their shock claws. They are quickly dispatched.
  4. A laboratory is found and the Blaster Cannon is put to good use sending the imperial researcher and medical droid to the big research station in the sky. Also in the lab are two experiments that look to be heavily modified humans, bursting with muscle, sedated and floating in a pair of Bacta Tanks. Nobody touches them.
  5. The surviving imperials on the first level are taken care of as they radio for help from the Holding Cells Security Station. The group grabs every datapad and storage device they can find and loads up on files from the Imperial’s systems.
  6. Also found in the laboratory are several vials of silvery liquid that are reportedly samples from the being known as M’nggal. The Imperials have been experimenting with the samples to create an obedient and self-healing super soldier. A terse argument about what to do with the samples breaks out. Guns are drawn but it is agreed that they will be thrown into the nearest pool of industrial acid as soon as the mission is completed. Reaching out with the Force reveals that the samples are all connected to each other as well as the two experiments floating in the Bacta chambers.
  7. A message is recovered from the communications station detailing a conversation between two Sith, one kneeling and one standing. There is mention of successful experiments and a Phase 2. Numinov recognizes the standing Sith as his father, Sarcev Quest, former Hand of the Emperor.
  8. Sneaking up in the elevator, the group gets the drop on the base commander ordering an evacuation and the setting of charges for detonation. They also spot a Hutt, assumed to be Mika, heading unescorted up a cargo elevator to the hangar on top of the facility. The experiments of the Imperials seem to have been successful as the players encounter two of the M’nggal spawned super soldiers, their eyes a mercurial silver and their bodies warped by muscle.
  9. During the battle it is revealed that the Super-Soldiers are extremely durable and that Mika the Hutt was working with the Imperials all along in order to displace her father and become the new top Hutt on the planet.
  10. The session ends with Mika the Hutt as a prisoner and the Sith still in the hangar above the group.



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